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Imagine the wings finally attached to the center section

The above image was used with permission from Michael Milbourne

This is what this web site,, was created  to make a reality. 

The above image depicts  the Horten Ho 229 V3 as it appeared in 2016, except with the wings attached.  It was was created by digital aviation restorationist specialist, Michael Milbourne to raise awareness regarding the critical need to preserve the original aircraft.

Michael digitally recreated the flaps and ailerons in the above image, to provide a more complete and comprehensive view of the over all airframe.  Michael specializes in the digital conservation and restoration of rare  and historic aircraft, for the cause of preserving history. 

His digital aviation restoration work, is focused on providing support to aviation historians, scientists and traditional aviation restoration efforts.


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About Us: $7,908.78 raised as of 11-18-18 for the wings

Raising money to conserve and attach the wings - every dollar helps! See HOW YOU CAN HELP button above

A $40,000 grant request was written by Smithsonian AIr and Space to conserve and attach the wings to the Horten 229 however a funder for the work was never found while work continued on the center section. To the left  are the wings in the Udvar-Hazy restoration hanger in July of 2017 before they went on public display.

The plane went on public display for the first time in September, 2017 with the wings unattached

After years of conservation work on the center section, in September of 2017 the Horten 229 V3 went on public dispaly at the Smithsonian Air and  Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center adjacent to Dulles International Airport in Virginia as shown in the picture above this "About Us" section. The public display label is pictured on the right.  We were very pleased to see the photo we had suggested was used.

Note the hole in the bottom of the left wing in the wood covering that was added by the Americans

Becasue the wood covering added by the Americans to the left wing, other than the leading edge which is original, is thinner, that has lead to additional complication.  The condition of the wings would not have allowed them to be attached when the sircraft went on display in September of 2017.

Latest Horten news - On April 22, 2018 the web site of the Dr. Reimar Horten Foundation went live:

Picture on the left is of Reimar Horten, designer of the Horten 229 or the Horten IX as it is also known on the Foundation web site. is now working in cooperation with the Foundation to raise money to attach the wings

The "En colaboración con" link from the front page of the Foundation web site, posted by Reimar's son, Diego Horten, and his team says in English:

It is an honor for the Dr. Reimar Horten Foundation, and personally for each one of the members, to be able to promote this initiative and collaborate directly to raise funds to continue the restoration of what was one of the most important projects. bright in aeronautics. Once the Foundation has the necessary funds, it will be sent for this great undertaking. Until then we will collaborate with a percentage of each sale of the folders of Horten Projects, along with some copies in a special edition so that from they can also raise funds through a sale from their website.  We hope this year to be able to make a trip to the United States and be able to meet with the group of people that is dedicated to this task.  We appreciate the kindness of Terrence Coakley for joining us on his website and promoting our site and the Dr. Reimar Horten Foundation. Being in permanent contact, we can work together to accelerate times and help from our Foundation to achieve this goal.  Finally, it is more to say what it means for us to participate in this initiative, in the future to see this marvel of aeronautics in an unprecedented exhibition  Diego Horten, Presidente de la Fundación.


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Purpose of this site -

First, welcome!  The publication of our Out in the Open article in September of 2017 along with the rollout of the Horten 229 into the public display space of the Smithsoniian Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center, also in September of 2017, is the push we needed to solicit funds for the grant to conserve and attach the wings to the Horten 229.  People have looked for a long time for a way to support the conservation of this one of a kind aircraft.  With the center section now complete and on display, waht remains is to raise funds for the conservation of the wings and their attachment.  

Smithsonian AIr and Space is currently in the middle of what they call Transformation - the complete renovation of the original AIr and Space Museum on the mall in Washington, D.C.  The Horten 229 has been moved out of the restoration hanger to allow artifacts to enter the facility to be worked “on and then returned to the museum location on the mall.  Years from now the wings for the Horten 229 will re-enter the restoration hangar for much needed conservation work so they can finally be attached to the center section 

With conservation and restoration temporarilly on hold for any artifact not effected by Transforamtion of the mueum location on the mall, it is our belief that by raising funds for the conservation of the wings the Horten can maintain its hard won number one or number two project postion for the restoration hanger along with the B-26 Flak-Bait that has had to remain in the resotration hanger during Transformation due to the fact that Flak-Bait is disassembled. 

Air and Space asked that we add this disclaimer to help to clarify for donors the Smithsonian’s position on this project: 

Neither the Smithsonian Institution, nor the National Air and Space Museum, are affiliated in any way with this website, HORTEN229.ORG,, or this fundraising effort.  Please be advised that neither the Smithsonian Institution nor the National Air and Space Museum are in any way obligated to accept any funds raised using this website.

That said, it would seem hard to see them not accepting funding when they are ready to attach the wings which is their stated objective.  

Enjoy this site, including our article on the next tab, and some of the pictures from our 2014 and 2017 behind the scenese visits to the restoration hanger.  Terry Coakley paid for some of the conservation work done in 2017 and had pledged previously to pay for the anticipated stand to support the wings once they are attached to the center section.  Funds are needed just for the conservation and attachemnt of the wings.  The original grant request for wing conservation and attachment was for $40,000, so our goal is raise at least $40,000 in additon to the Terry Coakley stand pledge.  We are encouraged by a $5,000 leader gift in December of 2017 from another generous donor and a commitment by Zoukei-Mura Inc. - the SWS model company.  

Who are we?  We are historians, WW II avaiation enthisiasts and  now benefactors.  Thanks for visiting!


Terry Coakley - US                                 Christoph Palmer - Germany 

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