The missing Horten 229 instruments

We have purchased original replacement instruments for those missing from the Horten 229.

The missing instruments

Photo of instruments some time after capture in Indiana


Picture showing all but the Altimeter and the left most instrument (for the block of wood that extends from the lower left of the panel) in place some time after capture

Instrument panel prior to 2017 restoration of the panel itself


This picture is from the Zoukei-Mura Inc. -  SWS (Super Wing Series) 1/35ths scale Horten 229 model companion book that shows the openings for the 12 missing instruments

Picture of the replacement instruments


Picture of 11 of the 12 replacement instruments purchased by Terry Coakley to be put in the Horten 229 in the future

Picture of replacement altimeter


Christoph sourced this rare, replacement altimeter for the Horten 299 in Germany which is now held by Terry Coakley to be put in the Horten 229 in the future.


2017 panel conservation in the lab above the restoration hanger


While the restored instrument panel was put back in the aircraft before it went on public display, none of the 12 missing instruemnts were put in, only those that were in the panel when the 2017 work began 

Plans for the Horten 229 V3 instrument panel

The replacement instruments have been carefuly chosen to match those called for on the plans


Please see the link below to Christoph's website site which contains a larger image and further information.  Click on fighters and then Horten 229.




Link to the instruments parts list for the Horten 299 V3 from Christoph's site

The replacements for the 12 missing instruments are listed on the parts list linked below: