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George - UK- November, 2019 donor


I was actually searching the web, looking for the Horten 229. I am a massive aircraft nerd, I've loved military and civilian aircraft ever since I was a small child. My dad got me interested in aircraft, as we used to attend 4 air shows every year. My Dad used to fly Microlights too, which also got me interested to learn to fly. I was in the British Air cadets when I was teenager and not many cadets had heard of the Horten 229. So it's nice to know that it's being reassembled.

Don - Texas, US - November, 2019 donor


Due to family history (mother was a member of the Hitler Jugend and actually took out Russian tanks in 1945 with panzerfausts) I grew up with a fascination for the massive technical advances Germany made and the technological lead they held across the board.  We can consider ourselves fortunate the military decisions being made at the time ensured that Germany could not win WWII.  I have seen the DO335 and the HE219 at Udvar-Hazey and was overjoyed to hear that the HO229 was in process of restoration.  I saw her in the 80’s at Silver Hill Maryland, very sad shape at the time, but am gratified we could see her fully assembled in the near future.  How cool to see those birds for real as opposed to just in books!

Scott - Michigan, US - November, 2019 donor

As a model builder for over 40 years, my interest with the Horten 229 began with the purchase of the Pioneer 2 kit of the plane in 1/72 scale in the late ‘80’s. I have been fascinated with the flying wing since and have purchased I believe every kit released since then. The Horten brothers and Jack Northrop were clearly ahead of their time. I have seen several photos of the Ho-229 in storage and have always wanted to see it brought back to life so to speak. Helping to make this a reality is pretty cool!

Jean-Lucien - France - February, 2020 plans buyer

 Ho 229 is the best plane forever.  The Ho 229 is the most beautiful aircraft to have been built. Everything has already been said about its futuristic aspect. Comparative studies have even been conducted on its stealth. I love this machine for its aesthetics, the purity of its lines, its intrinsic fluidity, the design of the layout of its reactors and the modernity of the cockpit canopy. I appreciate these aspects all the more since I was, a short time ago, captain on a 100-seat twin-jet aircraft. And I think what is captivating with the Ho 229 is that it is not a warrior like the Me 262 or the Arado 234. It represents the culmination of the expression of the flying object. I had the chance to attend a flight of B2 during an edition of the Paris Air Show and I thought I saw a device coming out of the starwars bestiary. Undoubtedly, the Ho 229 would have been more graceful by the harmony of its curves. Harmony which was somewhat disturbed by the presence of swastikas which stretched a veil of reproach on this magnificent machine. But we are here only to want to give life to an exceptional flying machine by paying homage to its brilliant creators without any ideology or politics. Good luck to all the team who undertakes this adventure. 

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