One of the best model kits ever produced!

Now available in 1/32 and 1/48. Soon there will be a 1/72 version.


The company has pledged to provide funding for wing conservation!

Ho 229 Concept Note Book


Even if you are not going to build the model, the 168 page Concept Note Book for only $28 is a good resouce and it comes with a drawings poster!  Employees came to the US to observe the Horten 229 in order to create the models and some of their pictures are included.

The Horten 229 V7 conversion kit is now available


Here is a preview of the V7 two seater front section shown to the public for the first time at a model show in Engleand in November, 2017.  See 3 completed, painted photos below.


Drawing of two seat Horten 299 V7 from the Monogram book

Used with permission from the author, David Myhra, from the Monogram "Close-Up 12 - Horten 229"

The $68 two seat conversion kit follows the drawing perfectly.  The book is now out of print.

See the 3 pictures below of a completed Horten 229 V7 conversion kit added to the front of a 1/32  Zoukei-Mura SWS Horten 229 model.


David Myhra's recommendations from the Monogram book

Used with permission from the author, David Myhra, from the Monogram "Close-Up 12 - Horten 229"

The book is now out of print.  Our single seat version - see below - will have the smaller black and white crosses (top and bottom) in an homage to V1 and V2 which had them as well as the replica in San Diego.  As to painting a como pattern on upper surfaces as we are doing, the replica in San Diego is just green on top (like illustration in David’s book he refers to) but David does not say why he believes a production version (like we are building with the cannons) would be one color “unlike most fighters of the period.”

Our 1/32 model being built by master model builder Ken Lang

Left wing rib structure


Fuel tanks before being inserted in the wings


Jumo 004 engines


Bottom of center section from the cockpit cage to the drag shoot box


May 24, 2018 picture of underside of the center section test fit before paint


June 2, 2018 picture of center section and right wing

Before the removable exterior top pannels are painted and set in place


June 2, 2018 picture of the center section and cockpit

Every instrument decal was cut out and placed individually on the panel


December, 2018 complete - with altimeter

What if the Horten 229 V3 had flown and V4 was finished two cannons and a camouflage pattern?


With an actual altimeter and oxygen bottle

If you make one be sure to add the two circles on the bottles like Ken did for me like the real one.


Or build one like the one George Johnson donated

34 page pdf booklet available for download for only $8

George's Horten Ho-229 was recently accepted by the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum to be displayed at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center next to the real thing!  Congratulations, George!